Walking Through Rain Without Getting Wet: MoMA’s Rain Room

Have you experienced Rain Room yet, currently part of MoMA’s PS1’s EXPO 1? If you have then you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones. Or unlucky ones, depending on how you feel about queuing for long periods. Random International‘s installation, that lets users walk through simulated rain without getting soaked, has been very, very popular.

One journalist wrote about how he waited eight hours to see it, tweeting his sanity-testing experience along the way. But eight hours isn’t even the worst, there’s been talk of people waiting 13 hours to catch a glimpse. 13 HOURS! That’s dedication to your art.

But all the hysteria is about to end as the exhibition comes to a close this Sunday 28th July, bringing with it an end to people waiting around in the relentless heat. To help with what will probably be a rush to see it before it goes onwards to its next destination, MoMA have extended the opening hours until midnight for the Sunday only.

Meanwhile, for all those who didn’t get to see it, or if you did and you’re wondering what inspired the artists to create it, you can check out our short doc on Rain Room above.

Via [thecreatorsproject]

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