Suns ‘Bells’ animated by Stuart Sinclair

In the Summer of 2013 Suns approached Stuart Sinclair with the idea of developing a music video for their track ‘Bells’ and upon listening to the track – which he loved- he immediately had thoughts of an astronaut travelling alone through space. With this initial image in mind Stuart began experimenting with various visual effects using After Effects.

He used two AE plugins: Plexus 2.0 and Trapcode Form and started to develop his ideas which involved generating the thin line aesthetic and dots that he was after. The majority of the 3D models used in the video are based on real objects from Space; the Hubble Space Telescope, Progress and Voyager 1. The planets and moons in the video are generated using NASA imagery, and helped to create a formal aspect to an otherwise abstract piece.

Once Stuart had settled on the visual look for the piece, he began to think about how the structure will be developed in relation to the journey of the astronaut and the emotion of the track.

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