10 Astronaut Twitter Feeds to Follow


Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Astronaut, having recently returned from the International Space Station as Commander of Expedition 35. So why should you be looking out for this spacefarer’s tweets? Besides being one of the most famous astronauts on Twitter he’s also a total badass, not only did he surprise William Shatner with a tweet from the station itself, but he also recorded the first original song in space. Not only does he find the time to strum out melodies 330Km in the air, but he has taken some stunning images of the Earth below him as he soared around it.


Karen Nyberg

Self proclaimed astronaut by day. Aspiring quilter, crafter, artist, runner by night. Wife and Mommy 24/7. This artistic astronaut regularly keeps up with the latest news NASA has to offer, when not aboard the ISS she keeps you well informed of the work, and rather more regularly hushed personal life of an astronaut at NASA. Karen Nyberg keeps a large collection of photographs on her Pinterest profile, another site of hers well worth visiting.


Reid Wiseman

Reid Wiseman is another prolific photographer currently aboard the ISS. His photographs of both the Earth below and those aboard the station show the powerful beauty of life in space incredibly well. With a sprinkling of humour Reid manages to both seemingly connect his work aboard the space station and his photographic endeavours. All in all it’s a great thing to follow, with images appearing fairly regularly for you to sink your teeth into.


Jeremy Hansen

Yet another Canadian Astronaut, and a surprisingly no less prolific tweeter! Jeremy Hansen often tweets news from NASA over launches and specific missions, however he’s known for his humorous and interesting details concerning what it is like to be an astronaut training right here on Earth. As well as his astronaut career, Jeremy has also worked as an aquanaut during his NEEMO 19 exploration mission.


Lauren Worley

Another Twitterphile you might find worth following is NASA’s Press Secretary, Lauren Worley. With over fifteen thousand tweets in total, it’s unlikely you’ll ever miss an important stellar event again. Keeping you enthused with regular updates on upcoming events this is one of the most organised weapons of informational destruction I’ve seen!


Thomas Pesquet

European French astronaut, aerospace engineer and very awesome. Thomas Pesquet is another great Twitter user with his great photos during his NEEMO 18 mission, bilingual his posts come in both English and French forms, however the photography speaks for itself and the wonderful pictures he produces are well worth it.


Bobak Ferdowski

Bobak Ferdowski is the flight director of the Curiosity Mission (Mars Science Laboratory), you may have seen this eye catching individual during the footage of the mission when his Mohawk hairstyle was center stage for some time. He frequently tweets about working within NASA, more often than not he’s informing us all about other space-related topics on the side.


Douglas Wheelock

With regular photograpsh and scientific updates Douglas H. Wheelock is a great Twitter user to be following, his work aboard the ISS has proved excellent source material for the many images that he uploads on a frequent basis.


Buzz Aldrin

At the age of eighty-three years old, not only the second person ever to walk on the Moon, but he flew the lunar module of Apollo 11. While obviously not in space any longer, this proficient space veteran can be found writing books, appearing in films and giving lectures on space exploration. With such a legendary career it isn’t surprising that he’s one very interesting astronaut to be following on Twitter.


Samantha Cristoforetti

Not only is Samantha Cristoforetti the third woman in the ESA (European Space Agency), and first Italian woman astronaut, but she is set for a launch in November of 2014 so we should be expecting the great photographs to roll in from this astronaut. Keeping a strong connection to those following her she has her own Google+ and keeps us all up to date in an informative, yet lighthearted and hilarious way. As a soon to be astronaut aboard the ISS Samantha is someone you can’t not want to follow!


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